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Our Story

Founded by President , Boti & Fallen in 2009 in the early days of the professional video gaming industry, Tech Morph has since helped shape the Sri Lankan eSports into a fast-growing phenomenon.. Tech Morph is an eSports Organization, with professional teams representing Call of Duty 4, CS:GO, DOTA 2, LOL and more games in both LAN & Online platforms.. At its core are Techmorph’s talented professional gamers, who have won hunderds of tournaments and inspired a many young gamers.. More than just a Organization, Techmorph’s mission to bring eSports into every household.. Its not just about Gaming..

Now in the modern age, the gaming world is to be called ‘E-Sports’. Where our main focus lies. We have dedicated ourselves to develop our careers in this direction. As it’s where we can show our creativity in the fullest, where passion and crazy effects aren’t a problem, where rules are at the minimum.

We are an eSports community, originated from Sri Lanka and expanding our horizons internationally. Currently we have teams representing us from our home country and our neighboring country India. Tech Morph Gaming is one of the most reputed gaming clans in Asia, well-known for their size and gaming life style. In Tech Morph its not only about gaming but more. This Gaming community have been growing in numbers since its 10 year appearance in the gaming society and dominating the major gaming events in both online and LAN platform.  

We don't get things serious unless we are in the mood. Well-known as a fun community where you will always feel at home. No matter what, where you are from, what you do, at the end of day all what matters is you and how well you play as a team. That's all what it takes to be a Tech Morpher..

  • Rico Kurera BOTI Rico Kurera
  • Kavinda Karunanayaka PRESIDENT Kavinda Karunanayaka
  • Sanjaya Elvitigala FALLEN Sanjaya Elvitigala
  • Hasitha Chamara INSANE Hasitha Chamara
  • Kasun Surindu ILLUSION Kasun Surindu
  • Bawantha Sadeep CPT.WOLF Bawantha Sadeep
  • Bawantha Sadeep CPT.WOLF Bawantha Sadeep
  • Fauzan Cassim NOSOUL Fauzan Cassim
  • Chathuman Warna LUC!F3R_C.W Chathuman Warna
  •  Ramindu Preacher HARDGREAVE Ramindu Preacher