Tech Morph is an e-sports organization started in 2009. One of the first esports organizatons in Sri Lanka. Tech Morph consists of over 500 members at present which includes e-Sports athletes from all over the country. Currently the organization has over 100 teams taking part in various single-player and multi-player titles. TM is a registered entity of Sri Lanka e-Sports Association (SLESA) which is registered in the Ministry of Sports. TM is one of the 6 main entities and we have been a part of SLESA since its beginning back in 2012. and one of the Top 5 eSports Organizations in Sri Lanka and altogether boasts more than a decade of successful gaming history.



We don't get things serious unless we are in the mood. Well-known as a fun community where you will always feel at home. No matter what, where you are from, what you do, at the end of day all what matters is you and how well you play as a team. That's all what it takes to be a Tech Morpher !