Global Rules

  • People impersonating individuals may be banned from the servers, voice servers and kicked from the clan, but not banned from the forum unless the act was done on the forum.

  • An individual will be permanently banned from the server, but not the forum if they are using hacks, glitches or modifications to gain an unfair advantage over the other clients in the server. If the said individual is in the clan, they will be removed from the clan, as well.

  • Spamming by definition will not be tolerated on our server, websites, voice servers or anything else under the control of Tech Morph.

  • If administrator privileges are abused, they will be revoked.


Member Rights and Code of Conduct


The Member Rights and Code of Conduct apply to both, Game Server and Websites. Voice servers go by the simple rule: If you’re annoying, you will be removed.


The Following rules apply to any thing that can be posted or read:


Code of Conduct:



  • No member may knowingly post an image that would violate the Terms of Service agreement the Tech Morph currently holds with the game server or web server.

  • No member may alter an image of another in a demeaning or other negative way.

  • No user may post images containing nudity.



  • It is the responsibility of the member to make sure the new thread or reply they are posting is being done in the appropriate forum.

  • No member is allowed to ‘Triple Post’ which means posting more than twice in a row anywhere on the forum or wherever applicable.

  • Although members have the right to free speech, posts that are off topic could be considered spam and therefore deleted.

  • Tech Morph reserves the right to remove or edit posts at a moderator’s discretion, providing the post or part of the post is considered by the moderator to be off topic, harassment, spam, breaking Tech Morph rules or posted for the sole purpose of starting drama.


Member Rights:

  • No thread, post or shout may be altered or deleted without the user’s permission, unless it is in violation of one of our rules.

  • Private Messages will not be read by anyone except the sender and receiver, unless permission is gained from the original sender.

  • Members have the right to not be harassed directly by another member, but it is their responsibility to bring it to an admin’s attention.

  • Members have the right to free speech and to start threads or topics regarding any subject and reply to them, assuming rules aren’t being broken.

  • There will be no word filter or consequences for using curse words.




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