Founded 06 Dec 2014

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About the team

The team was formed in 2014 by old team mates getting together for the road to victory.

The team captain left in the middle of 2015 to complete his degree, Leaving the slot of the scope player open.

The captain announced that he would be retiring from the game so he introduced an old player whom he and the team both knew.

It's at then FasT came to play for the team. They got together and put their trust in each other and built the team from the bottom and to the top to the spot of unstoppable.

2017 - FAST left the team for his higher studies and hardgreave currently playing for team zu it opened two slots. two very skilled players came in to fill the empty slots. Lucifer and Nemesis


Immortals e-Sports Championship [2016] - Runners up

SLT eSports Championship [2017] - Runners up

IIT Game Fest [2017] - Winners

Get Nailed [2018] - Runners up

SLT eSports Championship [2018] - Runners up

LK Clans Warfare League Season 10 [2018] - Winners

LK Clans Warfare League Season 11 [2018] - Winners

Kings of LAN [2019] - Runners up

Singer ROG Challenge League [2019] - 1st Runners up

Kings of Lan [2019] - 1st Runners up

LK Clans Warfare League Season 12 [2019] - 2nd Runners up

Wolf Gang Hunting Grounds [2019] - Winners

Meet the Roster

Our roster our pride all on one place
    • DIZZY

      Dinuwan Fernando

      DIZZY Profile

      Ramindu Peshala

      HARDGREAVE Profile
    • SHAZA

      Shanaka Sampath

      SHAZA Profile
    • ATOM

      Salinda Malalgoda

      ATOM Profile
    • MIDAS

      Isindu Dileka

      MIDAS Profile
    • EVIL

      Thiyanjana Janithshan

      EVIL Profile

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